Feb 13

Ray of hope at the end of Life

Hafiz Begum is a widow from Battazore Union of Bakshigong Upazilla in Jamalpur district. Being married off in her teenage years, Hafiza finds it difficult to recall a life without her husband. Her husband, late Lalmon Mia, was a day laborer who had no cultivable land. Given their irregular income and destitution, supporting their two sons and three daughters was a constant challenge, but they somehow managed to deal with it. However, with Lalmon Mian’s sudden death in 2002, Hafiza Begum had to face the next impossible task of supporting her children without the support of her husband. She found no option but to resort to begging, even though she knew it was a demeaning act. Over the years, her children got married off and separated from their mother. Minara was left alone without any ray of hope.


In 2013, however, things started to look up for Hafiz Begum when she became a member of SAJIDA’s SAMRIDDHI program. This occurred when SAJIDA used SAMRIDDHI, with the assistance of PKSF, to rehabilitate all the beggars in the locality of Hafiza Begum. Upon talking to Hafiza, officials of SAJDA Foundation were able to note down her potentials. Upon the advice offered to her, she was willing to run a grocery shop if the program supported her financially. She got BDT 100,000 from the program as donation and started a grocery shop near the SAMRADDHI Office. The shop and her family are doing well now. Hafiza can finally see the ray of hope she has sought after for years now.

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