Feb 16

Jai Miah’s Story

Jai Miah, 28, lifted heavy construction materials for a living and was able to perform his day-to-day activities without any significant physical stress until he suddenly found himself suffering from severe back pain. Immediately, he was admitted to the SAJIDA Hospital in Keranigonj, with condition of severe back pain and tingling sensations in both of his legs.


At the hospital, it was diagnosed that his leg and foot muscles were weak bilaterally with sensory impairment over lumber 4th and 5th nerve root. His preliminary examination and investigation (X-ray L/S spine A/P and Lateral view) suggested reduced disk space between lumber 4th, 5th and 1st sacral vertebra. He was initially treated conservatively with medication and exercise. He was also advised to do an MRI of L/S spine as early as possible. His MRI revealed bilateral nerve root compression at lumber 4th and 5th and Lumber 5th and 1st sacral vertebra with severe spinal stenosis at Lumber 4th and 5th. Upon diagnosis, SAJIDA Hospital performed its first spinal operation at SAJIDA Hospital Keranigonj.


The operation was successful with no post anesthesia related complications. After a successful operative phase, his rehabilitation phase started, and continued for the next 5 weeks. With no post-operative complication, he managed to regain his muscle strength and his sensory conditions improved. He was fully fit to perform his day to day activities with minor restrictions.

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