Feb 13

Hard-earned Hopes Yasmin’s Story

Hailing from the district of Bhola, Yasmine and her husband, Mohammad Mosin, went through immense hardships as the floods washed away their homes and livelihoods. With nowhere to go, the family moved to Dhaka only to face new struggles. Their future seemed bleak. With no home or shelter in the unknown city, Yasmine and her family were forced to sleep on the pavements near Mugda Stadium. Later on, her husband found a job as a garbage picker. But the two young children needed constant care and attention, preventing Yasmine from going outside to work.


One day, Yasmin came across SAJIDA Foundation’s Amrao Manush Program and she learnt about its benefits. After hearing about the opportunities of Amrao Manush, she signed up to become a member of SAJIDA Foundation. Soon, Yasmin began to avail all the benefits of Amrao Manush. She left her children at the day care center and went to work as a maid in different households, while her husband got a job as a rickshaw puller. Both the parents were able to work without worrying about the safety of the children. Under the Amrao Manush initiative, Yasmin was also trained in various areas like ECD, life skills, raising awareness for HIV, business management etc. She took out a Tk 5,000 block grant to set up her business at a fish market. Currently, her monthly income average is Tk 8,000, enabling her to open a DPS account under her daughter’s name.


Yasmin’s only wish is to ensure that her children complete their studies. ‘I do not want them to be illiterate like us,’ she said. ‘I sincerely thank SAJIDA Foundation for their Amrao Manush Program. It changed our lives and made us more hopeful for the future.’

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