Feb 16

Bose Bewya’s Story

Bose Bewya, 60, had spent most of her life as a beggar in Jamalpur. At 12 years of age she was married off to a day laborer who somehow managed to make ends meet. When her husband passed away, Bose was a mother to five children. She started working at a neighbour’s house to provide for her family.


Her children grew up and got married and became busy with their own lives, once again leaving Bose alone to fend for herself. She was aged and no longer capable of working and had to resort to begging. 12 years went by and each day was a struggle for Bose.


In 2014, Bose became a member of SAJIDA Foundation’s SAMRIDHDHI program. As a beneficiary she received a milking cow grants worth Tk 1 lac. Upon receiving the cow Bose gave up begging and started selling cow’s milk to maintain her livelihood. Soon the cow gave birth to a calf.


Bose currently owns 3 cows and is able to live a life of dignity and self-sufficiency.

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