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A Family Once Again Rokhsana’s Story


Rokhsana Akhter, from the Nawapara village in the Mymensingh district, lives in a small one chamber hut in with her parents and brother. Her father is a rickshaw puller and her mother a homemaker. Rokhsana completed her SSC examinations in 2015 with a GPA of 4.50 and joined Sheikh Fazilatun Mujib College in Hajaribag for her HSC schooling. Her education may be halted at any point due to her poverty. It’s very difficult for her mother to educate both children with her meager salary especially since her father does not contribute to the family expenses. Not only that, Rokhsana’s father creates a lot of ruckus in the family on a regular basis. This is why, besides her Higher Secondary studies, Rokhsana decided to train in computer operations, so that she is able to finance her studies even if her mother fails to. With that in mind, Rokhsana commenced her search for an affordable computer training institution that would still maintain high standards.


Rokhsana heard about Adhunika from a SAJIDA Bondhu and joined the training program immediately. She heard about the opportunity for a scholarship and applied for it, following which, she was nominated for it. With much of her burdens eased after that, she was able to continue her education in relative peace. However, troubles at home increased day by day as her father started gambling and abusing drugs. He would as her mother for money to finance his habits, abuse her two children and her daily. Her father refused to accept the fact that his daughter was being educated. During this period, Rokhsana attended an Adhunika Legal Session and realized that she might be able to be free of her father’s torture with legal support. Rokhsana and her mother had a one-on-one session with one of our legal advisors and came to a healthy solution. Rokhsana’s father now works full-time and provides for the family as best as he can. Rokhsana’s family is stable now- they are no longer struggling with internal strife.


In Rokhsana’s Words: “There have been some positive changes in my life following my entry into the Adhunika computer course. The Adhunika scholarship program set the course for smooth sailing regarding my education. Adhunika is ideal for girls like me.”

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