Feb 13

A Bondhu In Need Hasna’s Story

Like many of her peers, 38-year-old Hasna was married soon after she entered puberty, at the age of 14. Her husband Abdul Majed was a farmer and significantly older than her. Still a child herself, Hasna suddenly found herself taking care of a 6-member family. As the eldest daughter-in-law, she was expected to care not just for her parents-in-law but also for her husband’s siblings. As is often the case in early marriages, Hasna’s body could not take the pressure of the work and the responsibilities and she would often succumb to illnesses which meant that she was unable to become pregnant. As the years went by, Hasna’s neighbours, family members and, soon enough, her husband could not conceive of a reason behind her barrenness. They started taunting her, giving into superstitious beliefs and malevolent gossip. Family members insisted she visit varying degrees of health specialists, ranging from witch doctors to any specialist that they were able to afford.


The absence of a child seemed to be tearing her family apart. But perhaps all Hasna needed was faith, kindness and someone to ease her mind. Hasna was able to access the “Kormo Nirapotta” facilities through Branch 152 at Sirajgonj when she met her Bondhu in need. The SAJIDA Bondhu counseled the distraught Hasna and encouraged her to visit the doctor for regular check-ups and follow up with the doctor’s instructions. Almost miraculously, Hasna was pregnant soon after she met her Bondhu. Perhaps that was all she needed.


“But perhaps all Hasna needed was faith, kindness and someone to ease her mind.”

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